FEBRUARY 28, 2019





The 2019 recipients for the prestigious Turning the Tide Marine Industry Awards, honouring excellence and innovation in Newfoundland and Labrador’s marine industry, were announced in St. John’s today. Turning the Tide Chairman and event emcee Paul Antle was joined for the announcement by fellow board members at the Emera Innovation Exchange at MUN Signal Hill Campus.

“The Turning the Tide Marine Industry Awards, which launched in 2017, have been a great success. In a province with such a rich marine history and a promising future in the industry, it is important to recognize those that are leading the way in industry excellence and innovation while setting an example for others,” said Paul Antle, Chairman of the Turning the Tide Awards. “This year we are delighted to recognize four outstanding recipients who excel in Newfoundland and Labrador’s marine industry.”

The program consists of four awards that recognize individuals and organizations that have contributed to the development of the marine industry in Newfoundland and Labrador.

The 2019 Award recipients are as follows:

  1. Industry Leadership & Excellence – Oceanex Inc.;

  2. Industry Lifetime Achievement – Mr. Fraser Edison;

  3. Innovation Leadership Award - Kraken Robotics Inc.; and

  4. Award of Historical Significance - CBC’s documentary program Land and Sea.

Additional information regarding each Award, and the recipients, are included in the backgrounder below.

The Turning the Tide Marine Industry Awards will be handed out at the 3rd Annual Awards Gala being held at the Delta Hotel St. John’s on Thursday, April 4th, 2019. The Awards Gala play a significant role in our commitment to community as it supports the ongoing work of marine related charities.

One such charities is the Home from the Sea Foundation. “The Home from The Sea Foundation was originally formed to build a memorial to the men and boys who lost their lives in the Great Sealing Disaster of 1914,” said Chris Collingwood, member of the Home From the Sea Board of Governors. “Thousands of visitors, from near and far, have come to Elliston, Trinity Bay and now gone away with a much better understanding and appreciation for the importance the seal fishery has had on Newfoundland and Labrador. Funds raised through the Turning the Tide Marine Industry Awards Gala support the ongoing operations and maintenance of this world class facility.”

Tickets, and additional information, are available at or by calling (709) 753-0794.




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Awarded to an outstanding business that has demonstrated leadership, innovation and integrity in its own growth and in support of the industry as a whole. 


2019 Award:Oceanex

Oceanex, and its predecessor companies, have been providing service to Newfoundland and Labrador for more than 100 years. In 2007, the company was privatized and the new ownership, led by Managing Partner, Captain Sid Hynes, has taken the company to the next level building it into one of the most successful transportation enterprises in Eastern Canada. The 400 employees at Oceanex deliver approximately 45% of all the freight that comes to the island. Oceanex has demonstrated entrepreneurship, leadership and innovation in expanding its service offerings, in its willingness to invest in new equipment and technology and in caring about people, safety, and the environment.



Awarded to one individual each year who is viewed as having demonstrated exemplary leadership in driving excellence in his or her sector and has contributed to the positive image and betterment of the industry as a whole.


2019 Award: Fraser Edison

Fraser Edison has mapped a life-long career in the marine industry, beginning in intermodal transportation in Montreal and here locally that eventually led him to participation it two successful offshore oil and gas developments and several investments in fledgling marine technology start-ups that now reside under the Rutter banner. Mr. Edison also has a history of giving back to the community through his pioneering efforts with NOIA and his decades of commitment to Easter Seals and countless other charities.



A new Award for 2019, this award is presented to a company or individual that is entrepreneurial and has taken on the risk and personal sacrifice that so often defines the road to a novel solution. Whether their innovation has solved an age-old problem or opened-up a completely new frontier, what we will be able to say is that this company has pushed through significant barriers to benefit them and the industry as a whole.


2019 Award: Kraken Robotics

Kraken Robotics has directed its energies to a deep dive below the surface to switch up how the world looks at the undersea world. Cracking both civilian and military markets, Kraken Robotics is now an acknowledged world leader in the innovative use of Synthetic Aperture Sonar (SAS) and underwater imaging technology in dramatically improving the image resolution and coverage possible with seabed surveys. Kraken Robotics is setting an example for other to follow.



Awarded to an individual, organization or community that through either a singular accomplishment, or a multitude of activities, has turned the tides of history; or, through demonstrated perseverance and strength of character has positively impacted the fortunes of others, contributing significantly to the province’s marine industry.


2019 Award: CBC Land and Sea

CBC Land and Sea is a documentary television program that, for 54 years, has been preserving and telling the untold stories that define the rich history of Newfoundland and Labrador and indeed Atlantic Canada. Over the years Land and Sea has taken thousands of people from their living rooms to every corner of our province. Journeys that ensure that we all are aware of and value our rich history and the culture that it has created. Many great journalists have been involved in Land and Sea over the years and a constant thread has been a healthy and genuine curiosity and high journalistic integrity in finding and sharing stories and wonderful stories within those stories.