Turning The Tide

We have always turned to the sea for our livelihood. Communities have been built and fortunes won and lost on her bounty. This continues today as we find new and innovative ways to utilize our greatest natural advantage. As true as this is, we barely scratch the surface in capturing the many stories of our marine heritage, and prior to 2017, when Turning The Tide was launched, no single event recognized the ongoing value of our marine industry as a whole. Surpassing expectation, this awards recognition program has accomplished this.

Although the words Turning the Tide literally describe an ocean event, they are also a metaphor for a change of momentum in events, lives and the fortunes of businesses and communities. Both these contexts make "Turning The Tide" the ideal phrase for recognizing leadership and success in today’s industry and for bringing more defining moments in our marine history to light. As a Turning The Tide supporter, you will help us accomplish both of these goals, drawing attention to our province’s strength and vitality, past and present.

Thank you for supporting this worthwhile awards program. 

Chris Collingwood (Founder) & Leo Power (Founder)


Ann Harvey's Lithograph

This wonderful limited-edition water colour lithograph is created by the renowned, John McDonald. John has been commissioned to pay tribute to a young Newfoundland heroine – Ann Harvey, who at the tender age of seventeen saved the lives of 163 Irish and English immigrants shipwrecked off Newfoundland’s south coast. See a short video of John McDonald developing Ann Harvey's Lithograph below. 

Learn more about this exquisite piece of art.

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Our Marine Sectors

Our marine industry is broadly considered to include these overlapping sectors: Shipping and Ferry Transportation, Maritime Logistics, Commercial Services, Science and Technology, Marine Safety and Security, Naval and Defense, Offshore Industries, Ports and Terminals; Fishing and Fish Processing and Marine Education and Training.